Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Beginnings

Welcome to my new blog Lipstick To Go. I hope my friends will read my blog and comment on my ramblings on. Let me know if you can find this blog. My previous blog was deleted by grimlings living in my computer. You know those little misfits that live in all our computers. If this works I will send you the front page of the blog that was deleted. Have a good day.



  1. You need to watch out for those computer grimlings. They love to eat your files! Love your photo. You were so cute!

  2. Ah,....your photo brings back such memories!!
    "Picture Day" was so stressful deciding the "perfect" way to smile!! Remember?!? Darlene

  3. I remember having to sleep in those flat pin curls held down by bobby pins the night before.