Monday, February 23, 2009

Where Am I and Am I Still Me?

Identity. It is the makeup of our size, weight, complexion, hair and eye color. It is the compostion of our personalities. Bubbly, shy, humorous, overbearing, intelligent, snob, pervert, or cantankerous. There are lots of adjectives that could be added to this list. Identity. Later on in life our identity comes as being 'Little Joe or Suzie's Mother. Or 'so and so's' wife. Perish the thought when we become 'the old lady down the street'. Identity. Someone got access to my hubby's credit card number a few years ago. My hubby being a white male and the thief was a black female.The bank goofed up in letting this go through. The 3 numbers on the back of the card were incorrect, She charged over $800.00 on his bank card. I caught it the next day, called my bank and the money was returned to his account. I tracked her down from New Mexico to Pennsylania through telephone calls that showed up on her charges. I reported it to the bank and the sheriff department. She had her nerve. I felt as if someone has snuck in our home and stolen his underware and was wearing it. Identity. I make fun of people that lose things such as their keys. How could anyone be so careless. I am always so careful to put things back. I am organized. Whoops! Guilty I am. Last Tuesday I was going to the Hair Salon, Beauty Shop, or what every is the political correct word now. Could not find my wallet. Was not in my purse or the other 2 places I put it when I want to hide it. Had Hubby searching with me. Time was running out. Had to go. I was really having a bad hair day. Hubby gave me his bank card and shoved me out the door. Idenity. Here I am driving on the highway. No identity. It was all in that little green wallet.
Driver's license, hospitalization card with my social security number in it. A list of my medications. Next of kin information. One credit card and my bank card. The last check that I had. New ones were on the way via the post office. A little cash. I felt completely void of myself. I thought how silly. I am still me. But it didn't feel the same. What if I get stopped by a policeman? What if I am involved in a wreck? I have no name. Identity. We are made up of all the above plus numbers. Date of birth, date of marriage, social security number, home phone and cell number. Drivers license number. Credit card numbers and expiration dates. I really felt abandoned and lost. While sitting under the dryer at the hair salon. It came to me. In the glass cabinet, second shelf from the bottom, in the red bowl. Had put it there the night before so I wouldn't have to carry my purse to Church. Sure enough. Got back home and there I was. I was a person again. Not lost, just misplaced.


  1. How true it is! We are identified by so many things that are not "us"! And how true that how we are identified over the years changes,too!! It's no wonder so many of us don't know "who we are"! Or is it just that the world doesn't know who we are without all our numbers???

  2. Hey, I think I know where that place is in the picture. Wonderful place!

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